Healing & Deliverance


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Sundays | 9:00am or 11:00am

3445 Gateway Drive
Eau Claire, WI 54701


Our Unique Characteristics


We exist to host the presence of God, we don’t just make room for the Holy Spirit, we give him the room.

Revival Hub

We carry a mandate to release revival locally and across the valley through Hope Nights and other events.

House Fires

We meet regularly in homes across the Chippewa Valley.

Apostolic & Prophetic

We embrace the biblical pattern of church government, leadership, and accountability.

Deliverance & Healing

We actively seek to see captives set free and partner with them as they walk out their freedom.

Women In Ministry

We endorse and promote women in ministry. We empower women to fulfill the call of God on their lives!


We REACH UP through worship and intercession. We believe God’s house is a house of prayer and worship.

We REACH OUT through many of the various outreaches locally and state wide including: Hope Nights, Sound of Freedom, House Fires, laundromat outreach and other ways God places on our heart!

Raise Up

We are passionate about not just reaching the lost but raising them up through discipleship, deliverance and equipping classes we have through the year!

Ephesians 4:11-13


We believe God has called every person into ministry. No matter what career you have, we are all called to be the light of Jesus in everything we do! We have a heart to see everyone at Oasis serve God through their time, treasure and talent!

Our Values


It’s all about
Intimacy & Intercession

We prioritize prayer by making time for daily, intimate encounters with God and engaging both corporate and private intercession.


It’s all about
Giving Your Best

Whatever we do, we work at it with our whole heart, as working for the Lord rather than people.


It’s all about
Unity & Engagement

We contend for connection within the body of Christ. We celebrate authentic Kingdom relationships. We choose to stay united and engaged with one another.

Honor & Humility

It’s all about
Up, Down & All-Around

God gives grace to the humble and He resist the proud. We walk in honor and humility by laying our lives down and putting others first.


It’s all about
Time, Talent & Treasure

We are responsible and generous stewards of what God has given us. We are blessed to be a blessing and generous on every occasion.

Mercy & Grace

It’s all about
Forgiveness & Unconditional Love

We are not perfect and we are not the Holy Spirit police. We believe the best in people, we forgive quickly, and we refuse to be offended. We are the sons and daughters of love.

Healthy Life

It’s all about
Pursuing Health

We pursue a healthy body, soul and spirit so that we can lead others in health. We pursue purity because Jesus said if the inside of the cup is clean, the outside will be also.


It’s all about
Loving & Serving Others Well

We celebrate the Gift of Hospitality and it is our joy to host people well. Every event is an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our community.


It’s all about
Believe, Act, Contend

Faith is the currency of heaven and without it, It is impossible to please God. We respond to every situation in faith, rather than react in fear.


It’s all about

We believe every Christian is a commissioned soul-winner, sent to heal the sick, cast out demons, and preach the Gospel because that was the ministry of Jesus.


It’s all about
Being A Disciple & Making Disciples

We are obedient to the call to, “Go and make disciples!”. We make time for the individual discipleship of every person.



It’s all about
Embracing Hot Conversations

We cultivate strong relationships by leaning into Honest, Open, and Transparent moments. We do not run from courageous conversations; we grow through them.