I was driving in my truck towards Madison this week and I heard God ask me “What’s Wisconsin’s state motto?” I didn’t know and so I asked Siri while I was driving and found out it was “Forward”. Here is some info about it…

'Forward'Reflecting Wisconsin's continuous drive to be a national leader, the state adopted "Forward" as the official state motto in 1851. State Flag.
The next day the Lord reminded me of the state motto. And he begin to speak to me about the state. He said there is a special anointing upon this state to carry the gospel “forward” to places that have never heard it! But at some point in time the state’s destiny was shifted from “forward” to “neutral”. And I heard God speak.. in this next season I’m shifting it back to FORWARD!

For I’m placing an urgency in the church and fresh destiny for the state. For there is an igniting fire coming to Wisconsin! Also, birthing pains are coming to this state. And God is birthing FORERUNNERS!

People who’ll will blaze trails! I see these forerunners with machetes in their hands and God is anointing them to create new paths, just as you would see people do though the amazon jungle.

These forerunners will be sent out to:• Launch Kingdom businesses.• Bring reformation to local and state governments. • Remove demonic agenda in the education systems. • Challenge current church structures with new paradigms. • Go into dark places to shine the light and set the captives free.

These forerunners are a new wineskin. They will carry a fresh assignment from heaven.

Forerunner characteristics:• Tired of dead religion, man controlled services.• Not just big dreamers, but big doers.• Driven by urgency and the zeal of heaven.• They will carry the boldness of David when he faced Goliath.

These forerunners will be persecuted, mocked, underdogs and underestmated! But when the dust clears, they will be holding the head of Goliath in their hands!

For man made church structure as you know it will be shifted and shaken. God is shaking ministries built with wood, hay and stubble. The vision I see is this… God is changing the church from a BARN into a COMBINE HARVESTER. For out of Wisconsin will come a new model! The model will shift from gathering hundreds to discipling thousands. For many pastors will not see this harvest because their vision is limited by the seats they have in their sanctuary and the money they have in their account. You have to dream bigger!

The harvester has 4 main purposes..-Reaping, threshing, gathering and winnowing.Footer Updated Nov 23

It’s a new day for the church in Wisconsin.. it’s time to leave the barn. And run FORWARD towards the harvest! Take ownership/dominion over your city and region. For Wisconsin will be a FORERUNNER who will RUN with an urgency and prepare the way for the coming of the Lord. Just like John the Baptist prepared the way of the Jesus, God desires to use this state to start an end time harvest that will spread across America. It’s time to RUN FORTH! Wisconsin, it’s time to step into Heaven’s assignment to become a National Leader.


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