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Our Team Ministers in the Authority and Compassion of Jesus

We have witnessed Jesus heal trauma and chronic illnesses, break addictions, give supernatural ability to forgive, cast off fear and anxiety, break off curses and oppression from witchcraft, bring supernatural peace, and transform lives!
We rejoice in the freedom that Jesus brings! There is no shame nor condemnation, there is joy and rejoicing!

Jesus came to set the captives free!
You do not have to live in bondage.

You do not have to live in fear.

Jesus has paid for your freedom!

You can be free indeed!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is deliverance ministry?
Deliverance ministry is the ministry of the compassion of Jesus and ministering the freedom that Jesus has already purchased. Deliverance is simply bringing the Kingdom of Light to push out the Kingdom of Darkness. Jesus has complete authority over every spiritual power and every bondage or stronghold that may be in your life! Our team walks in the authority of Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and displays God’s love to push back darkness.
Why is deliverance ministry so important?

Deliverance was and is the loving ministry of Jesus that He commissions and gives authority to His disciples to do. Freedom and deliverance demonstrates and are the culmination of the Gospel of Jesus– bringing the Kingdom of Light in and pushing out the Kingdom of Darkness.


Deliverance is the freedom given by Jesus from any stronghold, demonic roots, spiritual or physical torment, or the enemy’s lies.

What is inner healing?

Inner healing is prayer and counsel for sanctification and transformation. Inner healing ministry involves the restoration of your relationship with God. It often includes prayer, hearing the voice of God, healing soul wounds, scripture reading, worship, and reliance on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The process may include confession of sins, forgiveness, renunciation of negative influences, and receiving God’s love and grace.

What should I expect from a deliverance session?

You can expect to have around 2-3 people who have been especially trained and commissioned for this ministry to hold your prayer and deliverance session. They will begin by welcoming you into a private room and creating a peaceful environment. They may ask clarifying questions about your intake form. They will invite the Presence of God into the room, and will pray over you, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead. Throughout your session, the team may ask you questions like, “Ask God if there is a lie you are believing?” “Is there anything that is coming to mind”, or may ask you to repeat prayers of forgiveness, repentance, etc.

How long are inner healing and deliverance sessions?

Generally, prayer and deliverance sessions last around 1-1.5 hours.

What if I'm feeling nervous?

Our team will tenderly care for you. Feeling some apprehension or being nervous if a prayer and deliverance session is new to you is normal, but the enemy may also try to illicit unnecessary fear and turmoil leading up to your session. Rest assured, Jesus is for you and that this session will be peaceful and a gift to you as you seek the freedom that Jesus has already purchased on your behalf.

Can a Christian have a demon?

Yes, a Christian can have a demon oppressing or tormenting them.


One of our guest speakers, Jake Kail, explains that, “many believers are under varying degrees of demonic influence and need to be set free. They are experiencing oppression, bondage, torment, and physical affliction that are caused by unseen spiritual enemies.”

How does someone become tormented or oppressed by a demon?

Some common entry points or open doors to demonic influence are: unforgiveness or bitterness, walking in sin, being sinned against, trauma, believing the enemy’s lies instead of God’s Truth, pornography, unholy music or media, involvement in different religions or false teaching, idolatry, any occult involvement, curses or generational curses, or ungodly relationships.

Who will be ministering to me?

You can expect to have around 2-3 people who have been especially trained and commissioned for this ministry to hold your prayer and deliverance session. Our team walks in the authority of Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and displays God’s love to push back darkness.

What happens after a deliverance session?

Our team will give you information about how to walk in the authority of Jesus and how to maintain your freedom in Christ. Freedom requires a willingness on your part to be open to submitting anything that is holding you in bondage to Jesus and following Him.


In addition to giving you guidance going forward, we also may schedule another prayer and deliverance session with you or a post-care session. We encourage everyone who partakes in prayer and deliverance ministry to be connected with a local Church and active in pursuing a deeper relationship with Jesus.


Deliverance ministry is one vital step in the process. Our daily walking with Jesus and lifestyle of following Jesus as our Lord and Savior is the vital process.

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