Join us for 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer

Making the Most of Your Fast: Resisting Temptations

Making the Most of Your Fast: Resisting Temptations

Fasting is a spiritual discipline that isn't meant to be easy on your flesh. Through denying our fleshly desires and needs, we become more aware of our spiritual desires and needs. When we fast, we de... ...more

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December 29, 202311 min read

Starter Guide To Biblical Fasting

Starter Guide To Biblical Fasting

Fasting is a spiritual discipline where you abstain from some or all food, and instead consume more of God’s Word and cling fast to Him in prayer. This resource will help you get started with understa... ...more

Discipleship ,Fasting

December 29, 202321 min read


What is Fasting?

Fasting is a spiritual discipline where you abstain from all or certain kinds of food and/or drink for a period of time, and instead consume more of God’s Word and cling fast to Him in prayer. Fasting is a way to starve the flesh and worldly appetite to allow the spiritual appetite to be fed and nourished by God’s Word and through intimacy with Him in prayer. It is a devoting of our body, our desires, and our time to God.

Learn more about what fasting is and what fasting is not in our Starter Guide to Biblical Fasting below.

When Does the 21 Days Begin?

We are beginning to corporately fast on January 7th-28th.

How Are We Corporately Fasting?

We are corporately fasting through our Oasis Church family and through our outreach prayer ministry, Pray Wisconsin. We will be equipping and encouraging one another through our Pray Wisconsin Group on Facebook. Join here:

What Are We Fasting?

During this fast, we are encouraging you to seek the Lord on how you will fast for 21 days. While we encourage you to ask the Lord how He is calling you to fast (read our comprehensive Starter Guide to Biblical Fasting for more information), many of our church leaders and Pastors are committing to the Daniel Fast.

How Do I Access the Bible Reading Plan?

We are also using the Bible Reading plan and devotional from James River Church, called on Earth as in Heaven, which can be found here:

Why Are We Fasting?

We are fasting corporately because we believe God honors when His church body unites together in prayer, repentance, and seeking Him. We believe fasting in the first part of the year is a powerful way to devote our year to God and to seek Him wholeheartedly. Through this time of fasting and prayer, we will be asking God to move boldly in our lives, families, church, and state!

Will There Be Corporate Prayer?

Our Sanctuary is open for prayer on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am-noon. You are also welcome to join us any Sunday during our pre-service prayer, which occurs in the Sanctuary at 9:30am and 3:30pm. We are also uniting together to pray specific prayer prompts together during this time, and are encouraging one another in prayer through our outreach ministry Pray Wisconsin, Facebook Group here:

Here As In Heaven

Bible Reading Plan

The James River Church 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer Devotional plan is designed to encourage and strengthen you as you devote this time to walking closer with the Lord. The plan consists of short devotions and a Scripture reading plan for each day. We know that as you spend time fasting and praying, we will see God bring Heaven down to impact our
churches, communities, and the world!

We would like to thank James River Church for providing this plan!

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Join our State-Wide Prayer Group and Grow in Community During the 21 Day Fast

We will be devoting 21 days to draw closer to God and pray for His Kingdom to advance in your church, home, city, and in our state of Wisconsin! We'll continue to resources in our Facebook Group Pray Wisconsin and will make room for encouraging one another as we draw nearer to God and pray bold prayers throughout this fast.

Videos from James River Church on Fasting:


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